Monday, 12 March 2018


Indiana Jones
Today, The Grandma has returned to her home in Barcelona on the top of Tibidabo mountain. Tomorrow, she is going to meet her new family, The Jones, a new group of amazing people who is going to help her to find her most appreciated object: her diary.

The Grandma doesn't know anything about her new family but it's the first time that she's going to share two families together: The Beans and The Jones. it could seem something different but it isn't. One family, The Beans, is operative abroad in Hong Kong, where they are participating in a tour with Katrina Leskanich after winning the Eurovision Song Contest and the new one, The Jones, is going to start an exciting tour with The Grandma in her searching of happiness.

Welcome to The Jones to this great experience that starts today and greeting to The Beans, who shouldn't forget to send me a postcard from Hong Kong.

3,2,1... Action!

Indiana Jones is an adventure film, a comic book, a fantasy. 

Harrison Ford

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