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Estefanía Bean with James Bond in Monte Carlo
Estefanía Bean. Croupier. Greece.

I'm Estefanía Bean. I was born in Rhodes, land of the Templar Knights, in Greece. I was born in the cradle of the European civilization, the country of the great philosophers, the country where democracy was born, the country of the oracles and sibyls. Perhaps because of these characters, I started to be very interested in luck, hazards and future. I'm a croupier. I love playing poker but I also love Tarot and Blackjack. C'mon, roll of the dice!

-Good morning, Estefanía Bean, and thanks to attend us.

-Good morning. Welcome to my country, the cradle of Mediterranean civilization.

-Thanks. It's always a pleasure being here. Well, to start this interview I would like to know how you define yourself.

-I'm a croupier, a person who works with cards playing some games where intelligence and Mathematics are the most important.

-How is a day in your life?

-Well, I have worked in the best casinos of the world: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Albuquerque, Malaysia, Hong Kong... and the most incredible, Monte Carlo.


-Because I'm European and it's the most important in my continent and because it's a casino with a lot of history: you can't understand the recent history of Monaco without its casino as a place where you could find the European jet set. Nowadays, Monaco has changed a lot, especially after the new world laws against the fiscal paradises, but Monte Carlo continues being one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, with the permission of the Greek Islands and Nimes, but it's a curious city in one of the smallest and ancient European countries.

-Then, do you believe in heroes?

-Yes, of course. I was born Rhodes, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Occident and Orient. In Greek culture, heroes and gods have been something very important that has influenced our personality. Connecting Monte Carlo, again, with the idea of heroes, I remember when I had the opportunity of playing against one of the most important postmodern heroes.


-Bond, James Bond. He's one of the usual clients in Monte Carlo. He always arrives driving his Aston Martin. He's a gentleman: polite, educated, generous... James Bond is an enchanted man with an old-fashioned British style but with the last technology always available.

-How do you feel being a member of The Beans family?

-I'm not an extroverted person, perhaps because in the casino, working as a croupier, silence and concentration are very important. You assimilate this behaviour and then you continue with the same attitude when you are not working. It doesn't mean that you don't disconnect of your work, it means that, sometimes, your job blends your character.

-How is a normal day with The Beans?

-It's difficult to talk about a normal day with The Beans. There's always something new to do, to discover or to enjoy. I like my family. I feel well with them and this is something very important because if you're happy in a place with someone, you can offer the best of you.

-How long have you been studying English?

-English has been always very important in Greece, especially since the arrival of the massive tourism but I didn't study English at school, I studied Russian.

-Russian? It's not possible!

-Yes. Greece has a lot of things in common with the Russian culture. Both of us are orthodox and we haven't Latin alphabets.

-Then, you speak two languages? Is it very difficult to do it?

-No it isn't. In fact, as many languages you speak is easier to learn the next. I have learnt this from The Beans. All of them speak, at least, two languages and this is very important because a language is a powerful tool of communication and, in my case, two languages mean two alphabets, too, and with English, one more. 

-What can you explain about your life with The Beans?

-It's a fantastic experience. We're fifteen different people with different characters and points of view but with a common objective: improve our English to improve in our jobs. It's amazing.

-And after?

-After, we will be like the Greek Islands. We will take different ways, we will stay in different places with new people and new experiences but there will be something that no one will be able to take out: if you have been a Bean, this is something that survives in time, you will always be a Bean and all these experiences that we have lived together will live meanwhile we were able to remember them. 

-Which is your best memory with the family?

-It's very difficult to choose one but I remember two special moments: the day that I participated in Password, a TV programme. All the family was cheering and helping me. It was unforgettable. I also remember one day that I made some cakes for the family. The Grandma always cried when she discovered that her face appeared on the cake and we were going to cut her in dozens of pieces.

-Which is the best card throwing in poker?

-Full of aces, of course.

-And which is your best card throwing?

-Full of Beans. My family is my best card throwing.

-How did you decided to choose croupier as your job?

-I was a child. I was watching TV and Bruce Springsteen appeared singing Atlantic City. I liked the video, I liked the scenes of the city and I loved the images of cards. For other hand, I like westerns films and poker is a typical element in them. I enjoy a lot.

-Could you recommend me a western, then?

-Lots of them: Silverado with Kevin Costner, Unforgiven with Clint Estwood, Cactus Jack with Kirk Douglas, Wyatt Earp with Kurt Russell, Maverick with Mel Gibson, Wandering star with Lee Marvin and my favourite, Johnny Guitar with Joan Crawford. It’s a masterpiece.

-Johnny Guitar?

-I think it's one of the most beautiful westerns. A film from the 50's with an incredible Joan Crawford. I remember her in a wonderful scene turning around the roulette. It's a classical scene in cinema. It’s a wonderful moment.  It’s an unforgettable memory. I also remember the "Lie to me" scene between the main couple and the beautiful song "Play it again". It's like Casablanca, isn't it?

-Who is your favourite actor or actress?

-I haven't got a special one although I like a lot classic cinema. Then, Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland...

-All women?

-Gregory Peck, Charles Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Buster Keaton, Robert de Niro, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman...

-Great stars.

-It's impossible to choose only one.

-Explain to me a plot for a future film.

-A family travels around the world enjoying adventures and getting over as problems as they find with teamwork.

-And the end?

-There isn't an end. This is only the beginning but I can offer a clue to you. I'm from the land of the Colossus and my family is as strong as the legend says he was.

-Thank you very much, Estefanía Bean.

-Thanks to you.

Life, like poker has an element of risk. 
It shouldn't be avoided. It should be faced. 

Edward Norton

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