Friday, 27 February 2015


During two days, The Collins Family has been reviewing some grammar about KET, PET and FCE levels. The family has moving to Downton Abbey and they have been decorating its new home and they’ve replied some letters of the service’s ex members. They're working like Little Hercules.

More information: Vocabulary in English

They have been working during two months for arriving to the exam tests in the best conditions. They know that they must work very hard, as they’ve done it until now and The Grandma is finishing her last manuals for helping them.

Before staying in Downton Abbey, they have gone to French Guiana to get on a shuttle. This has been the last Grandma’s present: sailing into the space.

And if you feel the weight of the world
Put your mind at ease
Little Hercules
'Cause there's so much on your shoulders
But you know it's a breeze

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Yesterday, it was a difficult day for The Collins Family. Something strange happened in Downton Abbey, in the library with a candelabrum while the family was enjoying the party. The Police’s report is still opened and they think that there’s a relation between the strange case and the popular family. Although all of them could demonstrate their innocence with solid alibis, this hasn’t convinced the Police who continue the investigation. For other hand, all members of the family continued their English lessons. Once they finished the official summary, they’re dedicating these days to review all knowledge in a higher level. Montse Paris talked us about synaesthesia and later, the best news arrived from M. Carmen who has passed her B1 exam in the EOI. All the family is plenty of joyful because of this.

Today, the family has continued its consolidation classes reviewing Past Perfect, Comparative, Superlative and Social English and talking about Antoni Gaudí’s works.

More information: Antoni Gaudí's works

Tomorrow, the family is moving to Downton Abbey to choose its furniture and in the evening they’re going to get a plane to travel to French Guiana where they will board in a shuttle space direction. It seems that Eva is very sad after Alf leaving and they want to meet him again. Finally, we’ve talked about Mozilla Firefox and its components: AdBlock and Video Download Helper.


I am the painter of The Collins Family and so I will explain Synaesthesia from the perspective of painting.

Usually, the meaning of Synaesthesia is a mixture of feelings. When someone perceives feeling through colours.

How someone with Synaesthesia may perceive words and colours? Have words got colour? 

Normally, new-borns experience the sensations coming from different senses mixed together, as happens to adults who experience the phenomenon of synesthetic perception. Synaesthesia may involve any of the senses. One of the most common in Synesthetic associations is the coloured letters of numbers, but there are Synesthetic people, who hear sounds in response to odors, and odors are perceived in response to touch or a Beethoven’s violin concert is known by him as chocolate.

Synesthetic people ask some questions:

What colour is the number 2? What colour is the sound of a dog? What colour is this musical note?

Nowadays, there are many people see each letter of a particular colour even if they are written in black, or perceive each number, or days of the week or months of the year, arranged in front of them at a particular point in space.

The colours have different meanings, for example:

Black: mystery and formally.
Grey: stability and authority.
Purple: spirituality and magic.
Yellow: energy and intellect.
White: light and clean.
Pink: beauty and love.
Red: Danger and passion.
Blue: peace and tranquillity.
Green: growth and freshness.

In the century XVIII, there was a painter called Vasilly Kadinsky. He was the best painter of abstract art. He was impressionistic and he saw colours listening songs. Then, he painted symphonies while he was listening to Wagner and he represented it in his work.

And finally, all family will do an exercise that we will help us to understand the meaning of Synaesthesia:

Who is Kiki? Who is Booba?

This exercise helps us to understand the moving of our lips to pronounce the two names.

Kiki is the left figure and Booba is the right figure.

Thank you. 

Montse Paris Collins @MontseFJ77

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Last Friday, we finished our pre-intermediate book and we started with our intermediate one. We reviewed Present Perfect vs. Past Simple and Present Simple vs. Present Continuous and we read about restaurants. We ordered some reports and we talked about adjectives that define us. Finally, we created stories with The Smurfs Cards.

The Collins Family went to a party in the afternoon. They invited lots of people to participate in it and Downton Abbey filled with people arrived from all places, including non-terrestrial ones. It was a great party, plenty of music, happiness, food and drink. The Family has rested during all the weekend but they know, they must continue tomorrow because the show never ends, the show must go on.

More information: Present Perfect vs. Past Simple 

Ooh, inside my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies
Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die
I can fly, my friends
The show must go on


Thursday, 19 February 2015


For two days, we’ve reviewed the present perfect with its important words: already, just, yet, since and for. We’ve talked about determined and undetermined time and we’ve worked more aspects about social English. 

Moreover, we’ve continued creating compositions and we’ve talked about Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler and Enriqueta Martí.

Tomorrow, The Collins Family is going to enjoy a fantastic party in Downton Abbey for celebrating its arrival. Today, the guests' list has continued increasing and we can be sure that it will be an unforgettable party.

More information: Vlad the Impaler

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I believe our countrymen will show themselves capable of standing up to it, like the brave men of Barcelona, and will be able to stand up to it, and carry on in spite of it, at least as well as any other people in the world.

He nothing common did or mean, upon that memorable scene.

Winston Churchill - June 18th 1940

The Collins Family was exhausted after an intensive weekend enjoying the Venetian Carnival, sailing in gondola, singing Venetian songs and drinking and eating local products with the great company of Eva and Corto. It was fantastic. We took lots of photos which, one day, perhaps we can publish.

Yesterday, three of our members, Laura, Miriam and M. Carmen worked very hard for passing some tests while the rest of the family was writing about sharks, preparing an informal invitation and reviewing English grammar: connectors, countable & uncountable, question tags…

More information: Write Express

Today, we’ve reviewed the Perfect Tenses (Present & Past); we’ve written a formal letter addressing to Nestlé Company and we’ve talked about the relation between Winston Churchill, Barcelona’s citizens and London Tube. In fact, it could seem a sad story but it’s a great demonstration of courage, strength, survival, resistance and resilience of our ancestors and how the common work can help to save lives.

Finally, we’ve prepared a journey for visiting the most important places in London City by underground and we’ve talked about an interesting tool for Twitter and we’ve seen other material.

More information:

We’re expecting because Montse Paris and Montse Pottery have work interviews and we’re hoping the best news.

 We shall never surrender - Winston Churchill